SCLERA LLC is a privately held San Diego contract research organization that provides retinal pre-clinical studies by utilizing its patented intraocular implant technology to produce either experimental diabetic retinopathy or neovascular aging-related macular degeneration (AMD) in rabbit and NHP.

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The color fundus photograph (above UPPER LEFT) shows the VEGF/bFGF-containing implant in the subchoroidal space of the pigmented Dutch belt rabbit; and fluorescein angiography displays abnormal leakage over time. Three hematoxylin & eosin-stained light micrographs and seven immunohistochemical-stained light micrographs demonstrate experimental rabbit CNV (Wong CG et al., 2016 Curr Eye Research).

OCT (below) illustrates the subchoroidal location of the SCLERA implant in the NHP eye.  Two additional light micrographs stained with hematoxylin & eosin shows the subchoroidal SCLERA implant near the macula in the NPH eye